StormPredator is our exclusive radar display and analysis program that fetches free live NEXRAD radar content and allows you to analyse storm motion, predit paths, and send alerts.

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StormPredator using free radar imagery from "the cloud". There's never a subscription cost, just a one-time purchase for the software.

StormPredator is our personal NEXRAD doppler weather radar program for use on a PC in the windows environment.

StormPredator – Personal Weather Radar Software with realistic Map Topography, Multiple NEXRAD Radar products, Storm Tracking, Visual, Audible, Email, Pager, & Cellphone Weather Alerting,  Weather Forecasts, Current Data, and History Images.

No subscriptions required, ever.

StormPredator has 3D topography and your choice of instantly selectable user interfaces!

Traditional PPI round “radar scope”

Rectangular Windows Style

Click for full sized screencap image (204K) This picture shows many (but not all) of the control dialogs and illustrates how the Storm Tracking Tool works.

Comes with our exclusive STORM TRACKER TOOL which automatically shows ETA and paths for storm movements!

Try the new Trial Version free for 30 days!

NEW! StormPredator Radar Appliance for Desktop or Wall mounted LCD monitors

Add to virtually any LCD monitor/TV set for an instant 24/7 live radar channel.
Fully automated and unattended operation.