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An effective and comprehensive alternative to dedicated live radar, at a fraction of the price!

Turn-key live radar system with 3D modeling

  • HD broadcast quality live local Doppler weather radar
  • Automatically updated real-time NEXRAD data 24/7/365 (something no other vendor offers)
  • Fully brandable with logos and sponsorships
  • Fully customizable to match any look or theme
  • Live radar, warnings, forecasts, currents , models, tracking
  • Live on-the-set touch screen 3-D interaction
  • Built in social media and web export

NEW! XRAD3D is an exciting state of the art LIVE radar system that is coupled with an interactive 3-D modeling engine to give you interactive and real time content for on-air weather.

Utilizing the national NEXRAD radar network by connecting to radar sites directly, it provides complete real-time coverage of local, regional, and national weather events, including live-scan tracking and prediction of storm paths.

Plus, the built-in suite of model data overlays gives you HD quality weather forecasting!


  • Real-time updated data, direct from the NEXRAD network, is like having your own Doppler weather radar system. It’s like climbing up a NEXRAD Radar tower and plugging your TV station into it. It’s that fast.
  • The XRAD3D radar system contains the LiveScan™ and LiveComposite™ technologies that display moving, sub-ten-second-delay radar data for time-critical applications. You will find this capability nowhere else.
  • XRAD3D features an advanced super-resolution 0.5km x 0.5° grid of highly practical derived products such as estimated hail size (MEHS), Wind Shear/Rotation, Echo Tops (ET), thunderstorm gusts, severe hail probabilities (POSH), and more.
  • Advanced storm-cell tracking features with ETA arrival times.
  • XRAD3D features a dynamic 3D GIS world model mapping system and is one of only a few in the world to ingest and style ESRI Shapefile data at the user’s configuration and display it with hardware-accelerated, fluid graphics – delivering precise weather graphics animations on consumer graphics hardware. Built-in street level mapping, road sign labeling, and standard GIS layers give viewers a crystal clear sense of weather and geographical space.
  • Complete weather model and weather data support for overlay at the synoptic level and mesoanalysis level.
  • Virtually all of XRAD3D’s data products can use our signature “time interpolation” feature which smoothly animates and displays interstitial frame values on the unified program timeline. Combined with a custom time slider bar, users can adjust map time down to the minute.
  • 4 button programmable clicker gives you “at a touch” preset views while in chroma-key. (Basic and Pro Models)
  • Touch-screen interactivity is built in, use ours, or your own on-set touch screen for live weather events. (Pro Model only)
  • Exclusive hot-button hardware control panel and programmable clicker gives you “at a touch” preset views for “Live at the Weather Center” cameos. (Pro Model only)
  • Optional satellite/cellular data service seamless backup, for those times when severe weather takes out communications. (Pro Model only)