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We have answers to many common questions below. If you have a question you don't see answered here, please use the Contact Us page from the menu at right.

Q. You’ve been around since the 80’s, why haven’t I heard more about your company?

A. We are the “biggest little company you’ve never heard of”. Why? Part of the reason is that we don’t engage in a lot of self-promotion, since we provide custom-branded products and services for our customers, our company name often doesn’t get the same exposure as some of our competitors.

Q. How do we use your content on our website?

A. It’s really pretty simple. Once you’ve signed on with us, and provided us with a logo and/or sponsor graphic, we will send your web designer a set of live image URL’s that can be dropped into your web page design template, just like any other image. It’s pretty much a cut and past operation to get your weather page running with out content. Once the live image URL’s are integrated into your website, they will always stay updated without any effort on your part.

Q. How do we use your content in our digital signage application?

A. There are two ways. 1) Like with our web content, if your signage system will fetch images via the cloud automatically, we can give you a list of live content URL’s for that. 2) If your digital signage system uses local files, or files on a LAN/intranet we offer a proprietary media syncroniing program that can run on any Windows based server or signage player to keep it all updated. 

Q. Do you offer training and installation for your weather display systems?

A. We do. We can come to your facility for installation and training, or we can offer “remote access” via a web application to train remotely. We do this regularly for our TV station clients. For our automation and cable TV insertion clients, our products are designed to be “plug and play” requiring little more than power and Ethernet/Internet access to get them running. They come pre-configured and ready to run, and are usually fully updated with fresh content within 30 minutes of pwoer up.

Q. We have a specific need not covered on your website. Can you offer us a custom solution?

A. Of course! That’s one of the areas we excel in. We have a staff of programmers, graphic artists, and engineers that often create custom content, hardware, and software solutions specifically for our customers. We have quite a collection of tools we can draw from. Our company consists of three divisions: content, hardware/software, and weather instrumentation. Between those, we’ve got you covered for special needs.

Q. How can you offer such high-quality products at lower cost compared to other providers?

A. We focus on automation for much of our content creation, and this allows us to produce content at a much lower cost than some companies that use teams of artists.

Q. I see you do HD at 1080i, do you also offer 4K resolution imagery?

A. We can. Although broadcasters haven’t been using 4K resolution products, some weather briefing  facilities and digital signage companies have needed 4K resolution. In fact, we can offer just about any resolution and/or aspect ratio of digital weather content you might need. Contact us here for more information.

Q. Do you provider weather Internationally?

A. We can and we do. We cover the globe with satellite imagery, forecasts and weather model output. Some countries may not have weather radar available, or if it is, it is under restrictions for use. We handle such requests on a case-by-case basis to determine if we can provide what you need. Contact us here for more information.

Q. You claim on your WeatherWarn page that you offer the “fastest severe weather bulletin delivery, like no other service can”. Is that really true or just some marketing hype?

A. It’s really true. Our customers tell us this all the time. We’ll be happy to prove it to you by letting you sign up for our service free of charge to try it out.  Just drop us a line and ask.