EWB-1 Mobile Studio

A Portable Solution For Real-Time HD Doppler Radar, in the Field or in the Studio. The touch-screen allows interactive control of tilt, pan, zoom and more!

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Present live, real-time radar to your viewers.

In today’s extreme weather environment, news departments must be prepared to operate from anywhere at any time. Whether it’s flood, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, or any disaster; a flexible and portable easy to use broadcast weather solution is an inexpensive insurance policy.

IntelliWeather’s EWB1 is a portable, low-cost backup weather solution for simultaneous broadcast TV and optional Internet stream broadcasting. It requires only power and an Internet connection, supporting Cable, DSL, 3G/4G/5G cellular, and satellite connections. If and when the need arises, it can be up and running in minutes from a live van, at the transmitter head-end, or at a temporary studio, keeping viewers informed when disaster strikes.

EWB1 allows you to show live, real-time radar to your viewers complete with telestration tools for impactful storytelling. In addition to live radar, our propriety software, XRAD3D, comes with a complete set of surface observations, models, forecasts, NWS advisories and much more all designed to allow your news department to provide the fastest, most accurate weather data when disaster strikes.


  • 3D mapped system allows viewing your DMA from any angle, any level, any perspective.
  • True live radar, connected directly to nearest NEXRAD radar, with live sweep, live warnings
  • Full suite of meteorological models and data
  • Full suite of street-level mapping for all locations in the USA
  • Covers the entire USA, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico
  • Works from anywhere, even with low speed Internet connections like cell-phone hotspots
  • HD-SDI 1080i or 720p video output
  • Built in touch-screen for interactive operation for zoom, pan, rotate, etc
  • Built-in connectivity to other systems, such as StoryTeller™ and other large touch-screen displays
  • Built in “telestrator” feature using touchscreen
  • Built-in Internet failover system switches between WiFi and wired connections seamlessly
  • Custom terrain mapping, custom overlay, and custom station logo features
  • Optional gen-lock for use with Chroma-Key
  • Optional hardware-based Internet Streaming 1080i or 720p streaming to any web location/service (YouTube, Facebook, LiveStream, Vimeo, and others are supported)

What’s In The Software:

  • Live, direct to the NEXRAD tower, Level 2 Radar data with live sweep
  • Robust storm cell tracking tool with live ETA analysis
  • Tornado and Hail signature detection and display
  • Latest METAR Surface Observations
  • Severe weather Warnings and Watches TOR, SVR, FFW, SMW
  • Surface Analysis including MSLP, Fronts, Centers, & more
  • MRMS data including Reflectivity, Precipitation Amount, Hail, Lightning & more
  • Models: GFS, GFS 0.25, NAM, NAM3K, HRRR, RAP, 4 WRF models as well as using Custom GRIB
  • A full set of Mesoanalysis products
  • Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
  • National Digital Forecast Database for forecasts anywhere
  • NWS Advisories, Convective Outlooks Mesoscale Discussions & more
  • Tropical Systems: Best Track, Official Forecast, NHC Forecast Cone, Forecast Models & more
  • Buoy & Ship Observations
  • Winter Snow & Ice Probabilities
  • Hourly Differentials (up to 24) Temperature, Dew Point & MSLP
  • USGS Earthquake Detections
  • SPC Fire Weather Outlook, Fire Detections (MODIS & VIRIS I-Band)
  • River Gauge Observations

What’s In The Box:

  • EWB1- system enclosure with built-in 13” LCD touch screen, carrying handle
  • Powerful 9th Generation Intel Processor with 8GB RAM, HDMI output, Displayport
  • Solid State Disk for assured vibration protection and speed.
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
  • HD-SDI output
  • Wired Ethernet and Wireless WiFi Connection with high-gain antenna
  • Windows 10 Professional operating System
  • XRAD3D live weather software
  • AC power cord for 120VAC


  • One USB 3.0 Gen 2 Type C port
  • Four USB 3.0 Type A standard ports


  • Genlock input for use with Chroma-Key
  • Live Internet Streaming hardware to work simultaneously with HD-SDI video output
  • “Roadie Style” Shipping/transport case


Designed and priced for use when your main weather system is unavailable due to an emergency, the system comes with a 90-day per year license. Longer periods or continuous use licenses are also available, ask for a quote.