A Custom HD Weather Channel for Broadcast Applications. Five Independent Zones for Displaying Real-Time Weather Graphics, Climate Information & More.

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Multi-Zone Automated HDTV Weather Channel

HyperWeather5 is a system designed to deliver an automated and unattended weather presentation over HD-SDI video at 1080i resolution. It combines our IntelliWeather graphics subsciption service with a live weather station to produce real-time, customizable graphical displays of current weather, climatic information, daily extremes such as highs, lows, peak wind gusts, etc.

The system is also capable of fetching external content, such as images from web pages, traffic camera snapshots, and live video feeds from some web enabled cameras, as well as video streams.

NEW! XRAD3D is an exciting state of the art LIVE radar system that is coupled with an interactive 3-D modeling engine to give you interactive and real time content for on-air weather.

The system is designed to provide a fully automated cable television weather channel, and the software includes provisions for running advertisements as images, voice-overs, and videos. A scheduling system is also built-in to allow frames and/or elements within frames to update and display on a schedule.

The system utilizes an outdoor-mounted wireless or wired weather station sensor suite, plus two 2U rack-mount custom processors to complete the task.

  1. Weather Station Processor
  2. Player Processor

HyperWeather5 Display Zones

There are five display zones that the system utilizes to make a dynamic and entertaining display of weather information. Each zone can have independent content, which can be updated asynchronously.

Below is a pictorial showing the five zones as they would appear on the Channel Designer screen, along with the different zone dimensions and definitions available in the HyperWeather5 template:

Zone 1 –
1280 x 720 pixels. The main display zone, used for weather graphic still images, movie loops (doppler radar, satellite views, etc.), videos, commercials, and content from the Weather View 32 program, screens 10 through 19.
Zone 2 –
400 x 720 pixels. Used for weather graphic still images from the Weather View 32 program, screens 20 through 29.
Zone 3 –
1280 x 240 pixels. Used for weather graphic still images from the Weather View 32 program, screens 30 through 39.
Zone 4 –
400 x 240 pixels. Typically used for logos, weekday, date and time. Can also use still images from the Weather View 32 program, screens 40 through 49.
Zone 5 –
(optional) 80 x 1080 pixels. Used for text crawl, updated from a text file which can be edited from the weather station processor desktop, configured to display current weather bulletins (when applicable) from our WeatherWarn bulletin service, or disabled.