IntelliWeather has been providing turnkey weather solutions and content for more than two decades.

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Our company has grown out of passion to produce quality weather presentations at a fair and affordable price. Find out why we are different.

IntelliWeather and it’s technology has been serving the weather industry since the early 1980’s, when it developed the very first computer graphics to broadcast studio NTSC interface for the original IBM-PC.

Our original NTSC studio broadcast graphics interface, circa 1985, for the IBM-PC

We’ve developed and deployed weather display systems used at CBS News, The Weather Channel, the “JumboTron” at Times Square, Accu-Weather, and WSI corporation.

In addition to our broadcast display systems, in the year 2000, we began to develop custom broadcast and web content to make state-of-the-art weather graphics an affordable and engaging feature for TV stations worldwide. Originally in standard definition ( SD/NTSC) we now offer graphics in a  wide variety of HD and web content formats, suitable for virtually any display venue.

Our MediaServer HD-SDI broadcast weather display system

Now we offer some the most affordable ways to get weather “on the air” with our mediaserver line of HD-SDI broadcast weather display systems for “live with talent” or automated/scheduled weather content.

We serve clients all over the world, often with custom solutions to meet their needs for weather briefings,  websites, weather channels, and live TV.

We offer solutions for these markets:

  • Live Television News (English and Spanish)
  • Automated insertion of weather content
  • Secondary Digital HDTV channels
  • Low Power TV stations
  • Cable Television
  • Newpapers (websites)
  • Live streaming
  • Radio Stations (websites, weather briefing, and custom bulletins)
  • Digital Signage
  • Websites
  • Situation/briefing rooms (Cities, government, utility, trading, agriculture)
  • Remote weather data acquisition (via our weather station products)
  • …and more

Our mission is to provide the customer with quality content and display systems that engages their own viewers, listeners, and customers with strong information delivery combined with affordability and reliability.

We do this by offering hardware, software, and content solutions that you won’t find elsewhere, and without restrictive licensing. Our business model is one that is unique, in that we want our products to help you financially.

Please see our other website sections to learn more, or contact us to find out how we can help you with your weather content needs.