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A specialty for IntelliWeather, unlike many other weather providers, we create weather imagery that is custom branded with YOUR logo, while we remain totally transparent.

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IntelliWeather offers affordable and customized web content starting as low as $99 per month for basic traffic web sites.

Live Samples of our Product in Use

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For websites, and for pulling content via digital signage, we offer a complete set of imagery, from global down to county level scale to help keep your viewers abreast of the weather in style. We handle the bandwidth, so you don’t have to.

All of our content can be custom branded, with your logo, and/or a sponsor logo or advertisement. We make it easy for your web designer to incorporate our weather content into your existing web pages.

IntelliWeather provides you with “weather widgets” for websites to help create interactive content that is current and compelling for today’s tech-savvy Internet audience, making it attractive for your sponsors. With our web services, you can easily add a robust, brand-customized weather section to your site with just a few lines of code.

IntelliWeather offers content with a proven high-value sponsorship opportunity, and that results in generating more CPM-based ad impressions on your site.

Plus, unlike some providers, we have absolutely no restrictions on sharing via Social Media – there’s nothing else to buy!  Any of these services can rebroadcast the web content we provide with your brand:

Our Web Services Overview:

  • English or Spanish language elements available
  • We host the imagery for you on our high bandwidth servers and automatically update it for you
  • We provide code widgets and URLs to embed imagery as links or images in your web page – easy for any web editor
  • Full spread of sizes: Thumbnails 120×90, Low Bandwidth 320×240, and Full bandwidth sizes of 640×480, 1280×720
  • We provide history images so that loops and animations can be played using our weather widgets
  • We provide customization, embedding your logo into the web content images at a position of your choice
  • We offer custom backgrounds to highlight your city skyline and location in forecast pages we generate.
  • We can provide forecasts for most any location in the United States (Including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico)based on zip code, lat/lon, or city name
  • We can provide weather bulletins via sign-up on your web page, using our WeatherWarn service
  • All processes are done at our facility. There is no software or special web applications for you to install to use it, just use our sample code and URL’s and you’ll be up and running fast!

Here is an example integration into a radio station web page: