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We offer a wide variety of services for radio stations, including live radar for your website, live control room displays, weather presence for your website, and WeatherWarn severe weather bulletin service.

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Radio stations can reach their listeners in an engaging way with our live weather services.

IntelliWeather offers radio stations new ways to engage their listeners and to sell advertising and sponsorships. Traditionally, live weather graphics has been in the domain of TV stations, but our live weather content system offers any radio station a way to compete in that arena, and in the process engage listeners and advertisers in new ways.

We provide you with different packages of “weather widgets” for websites to help create interactive content that is current and compelling for today’s tech-savvy Internet audience, making it attractive for your sponsors. With our web services, you can easily add a robust, brand-customized weather section to your site with just a few lines of code.

IntelliWeather offers content with a proven high-value sponsorship opportunity, and that results in generating more CPM-based ad impressions on your site. See more in our flyer (PDF): IntelliWeather_radio_websites.pdf

Here’s an overview of what we offer:

  • Live weather on your website, including live weather radar and warnings.
  • Forecasts, in map and calendar form (national, regional, local, 5 day, etc.).
  • Live briefing system for your control room (free with our web content – just provide a monitor).
  • Live WeatherWarn bulletin system for your website (guaranteed to be faster than AP or EAS).
  • Custom branding for your station, your sponsor, for everything we do.
  • We work with your website providers – easy to integrate with your existing website.
  • Low cost – a complete weather center like a TV station, at a fraction of what they pay.
  • Optional live hyper-local weather station at your facility for up to the minute weather conditions

Our exclusive NowCaster and WeatherFrame LIVE products turn any TV monitor into a live weather briefing system for your radio control room. Your announcers will always have weather at-a-glance.

Our weather content easily drops in to any page of your website, integrates with smartphone apps, and can be the front end for a complete weather center that you can sell advertising on. Plus, we offer the ability to add sponsors to our WeatherWarn live bulletin system, delivering custom branded email, and messages to desktops and smartphones. All of this is designed to drive listeners to your on-air and web presence.

We provide a simple plug-in device (NowCaster) that will put live weather in your radio control room for any TV monitor with an HDMI input. Small and compact, it connects to your WiFi. It’s free with our complete weather center subscription.

And, we don’t stop there. We have solutions for putting your station identity into digital signage and cable TV channels if you wish, empowering your station to be visual where it wasn’t before.

Example – a portion of the front page of Newstalk1290, KPAY radio showing our live integrated weather content. Local radar, local forecasts, as well as travel related weather.

Interested? Please drop us a line. You’ll find that we are easy to work with and surprisingly affordable.